5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went Natural 

I have been natural since 2010. At first, I just stopped getting relaxers but kept my hair flat ironed, and then I realized the damage I was doing to my hair. I saw the havoc that using constant heat, going to money hungry stylists who only cared about my coin and not my hair health, and experimentation with coloring my hair had done to my tresses and I finally said no more! I had a good friend who had recently done the big chop and I decided if she can be brave enough to cut all her hair off just like that, surely I can safely transition and learn to embrace my natural hair as well. It is now almost 7 years later, I am fully natural, and I would never dream of going back to relaxers and straight hair. 

Although I know I made the right decision, and it was without question one of the best I’ve ever made in my life, there are some things that I wish I would have known before I made it. Here are 5 things I wish I would have known before I went natural:

1. Your life will change.

It’s so cliche. You hear every one talking about their “natural hair journey” and how it has affected their self image and awakened a love for themselves they never knew. I’m here to to tell you, it’s true. When you live your entire life trying to look like someone you are not , and spending so much money and time on creating and maintaining that image, and then, all of a sudden, you finally learn to love looking like yourself, it’s life changing!

2. You will be awkward.

I think every person who makes the decision to go natural, whether they transition or do the big chop, goes through that “awkward stage”. It’s the stage at the beginning of your journey when everything is new. You have no idea what you’re doing! You don’t know what products to use, what hairstyles to do, what order to apply the products or how to achieve the hairstyles. You end up watching a lot of YouTube and doing everything wrong. More than likely, you end up walking around looking like a hot mess for months. I think a lot of women do not understand this part of the natural hair journey. They think it’s easier than it actually is to achieve the bomb twistout or the curly, full wash n go. It literally takes months, maybe more to learn how to care for your hair and how to do it so that it looks beautiful. Because a lot of women do not understand how hard it is at first, many of them give up. This brings me to the third thing I wish I knew.

3. Your hair is different. 

Don’t let your several failed attempts at recreating your favorite natural hair vlogger’s hairstyle that she did on her latest YouTube tutorial discourage you. Everyone’s hair is different. You can’t rely on YouTubers or anyone else alone to show you how to care for and style your hair. It will also take some work, research, and dedication on your part. You will have to learn about your hair; what it likes, what it responds to, how much product is too much, what brand of products really makes your hair feel and look moisturized, shiny, and defined, and what products do absolutely nothing for your mane. 

4. You will get through it.

I’ve heard so many people say, going natural is not for everyone, or that everyone cannot rock their natural hair. I think that nothing angers me more. The fact of the matter is, whatever grows from your scalp is more for you than anything else possibly could be. Many black women/women of color, are just not willing to do the work. Maybe it seems to hard, or too time consuming, or maybe they aren’t ready to embrace the kinky, curly, or wavy gorgeousness that will grow out of their scalp. It may be too scary. However, it most definitely is for every woman of color. And if you stay the course, learn about the hair that God gave you, and nurture it, it will grow. As the popular saying goes, “If you water it, it will grow.”

Which brings me to my last point…

5. You can’t be lazy.

Sure you can get away with a little laziness every now and then when it comes to your natural hair… You can throw it in the infamous high puff when your day 4 or 5 hair is starting to look a little rough and you aren’t prepared to weather through wash day just yet. Or,  if you’re rocking a protective style, you can go a few weeks without having to bother with your curls, but for the most part, especially in the beginning, you. cannot. be. lazy. You have to try new things, new products, new types, new techniques… constantly. When you’re used to someone else doing your hair and only having to run a flat iron over your hair a couple times every day to maintain the style, it is shocking when it’s all up to you. But then again, it’s part of the journey. And anything you work hard for is worth having! 

When you look back at this post, you can understand why I believe the first point is the most important. It WILL change your life. Every other point refers to a way you will discover something new about yourself or rediscover why you are so beautiful. These 5 things I wish I knew before I went natural are things that I actually am a little glad I didn’t know, to be honest. The suprises that I encountered and conquered made the ride that much more rewarding in the end. 


5 Reasons Why Men Prefer Naturally Curly Hair 

 A woman with curly hair is special. There is something about the effortlessness with which she tousles her tresses and they way the curls choose their own way to lay, or to stick up. There is a wildness about a curly haired woman, because she, like her hair, is not always easily tamed. She’s a statement maker, an original, that oozes confidence and personality. She stands out in a crowd. She is not afraid to be herself, and that’s why she doesn’t reach for a flat iron much, because she doesn’t care to conform to societal standards. She chooses to veer off the straight and polished path, in this case, she chooses to stray away from straight and polished hair, because it tends to be boring and she is anything but! She embraces herself and she loves herself, she is fearless. What man could resist a woman like this? Not one! Here are 5 reasons why men prefer a woman with naturally curly hair.

  1. He Gets to Date Several Different Women in One.

A curly girls’ switch up game is strong! The versatility of our hair is endless. He can have a girl with a mass of curls one day and a girl with silky and sleek straight hair the next. He can have a girl with cornrows, box braids, faux dreads, etc., and the possibilities don’t stop there! He never knows what look his woman will come up with next, it’s like she is a magician. 

        2. What He Sees is What He Gets.

When you date a curly girl, there are no secrets as far as what she really looks like under all the weave, makeup, false eyelashes, drawn on eyebrows, and acrylic nails. She may choose to wear these things sometimes to express her femininity, but she doesn’t have to. She’s just as beautiful without it, she knows it and he knows it, too! 

       3. He Can Touch It. 

Every man loves to run his fingers through a woman’s hair. When you have a curly girl, you may not be able to get your fingers through it, but you can definitely caress it, twirl it around your fingers, and play with it. This goes hand in hand with the number 4 reason why men prefer naturally curly hair. 

        4. He Can Pull It. 

With a curly girl, he doesn’t have to hear that infamous quote that is stereotypically what all black women say, 

“Don’t touch my hair!”

 Because it’s hers, no tracks will come a loose, no wig will come off, and she doesn’t have to worry about sweating it out, unless she’s wearing one of her many protective styles. But those are only temporary. With a wave of her magic hands, she can change her hairstyle, so messing up it a bit is no big deal. She’s a magician, remember. So, not only can he touch it, but he can pull it… if he’s feeling a little rough. 

     5. He Can Get It Wet. 

There’s many experiences that a man can share with a woman with naturally curly hair that he might not be able to share as frequently, if at all, with a woman with higher maintenance hair. He can take her to the beach, he can take her swimming in a pool, or he can share a sensual shower with her, all without her worrying or complaining about her hair getting wet. Have you ever had your man wash your curls? It’s a very sexy and bonding experience that every curly girl should share with her partner. 

As you can see, a woman with naturally curly hair is a dream woman. She’s no better than any other woman, she’s just a lot lower maintenance. Men appreciate a woman that doesn’t take herself too seriously, a woman he can enjoy life with, who doesn’t have so many stipulations on what she can and can’t do based on something as trivial as hair. A curly haired woman is carefree, she realizes she is only here for a moment, so she wants to enjoy every second she can. She has awakened. Any man would be lucky to be with an adventurous, smart, sexy, down to earth woman such as the woman with naturally curly hair. 

Protective Styles: My Top 5 Wig Style Trends for Fall/Winter

​​Hey Naturalistas! It’s officially #ProtectiveStyleSeason. Protective Style Season refers to the colder months of the year when the harsh winds and cold air can wreak havoc on your curls. The cold weather can cause your hair to lose its moisture and luster, leading to dryness, and breakage if you don’t take the time to provide. some extra TLC to it. Many naturals opt to rock protective styles during this time of year to shield their tresses from any possible damage. Personally, I take full advantage of protective style season. I love to give my curls a break during this time by wearing various different styles that will keep them completely up and out of the way.  In this post, I’m going to be discussing my all time favorite protective style, which are wigs! I’m going to be sharing with you my top 5 wig style trends for the fall/winter that you can wear to switch up your look and also to protect that mane! 

WIG STYLE TREND #1: The Curly Afro Wig


A curly afro is a great wig style because it can still give you the natural look that you’re used to rocking, while still keeping your hair protected. There are also various hair textures that you can get your Afro wig in, so you can choose to get a texture that is close to your own to make it seem like it’s really your hair, or you can choose to get a texture that is different from yours to spice up your look. The above unit is a synthetic lace front and it is from SamsBeauty.com, my favorite website to shop on for wigs. Don’t be afraid to try a synthetic unit as they are amazing quality, and much more affordable than human hair units. Especially if you are just starting out with wearing wigs, a synthetic one is a great way to learn the ropes without breaking the bank. 

WIG STYLE TREND #2: The Long, Voluminous, & Curly Wig 



A long, curly wig is a great way to make a statement. It is also a great way to keep warm because they usually have a lot of hair to them. These types of units are very full and flowy, and will make you feel like a goddess! You can get a unit like this in your natural hair color, or you can choose to step out of the box and get it in honey blonde, burgundy, or a gorgeous light brown. The above two options, also from SamsBeauty.com, are both wigs that I personally own and they are both favorites of my collection. These types of wigs will make you feel beautiful! 

WIG STYLE TREND #3: The Drunk In Love Bob

“I been drankin… I been drankin” Everyone knows this song and everyone knows the super sexy short blonde bob Beyoncé wore in the video. I’ve seen so many wigs inspired by that hairstyle. This wig trend is for the naturalista that really wants to come out of her comfort zone! The above option from SamsBeauty.com is a perfect example of the Beyoncé bob if you get it in the color DYX4/613. The bright blonde color with the dark roots will have you “sleighing” the holiday season! 

WIG STYLE TREND #4: The Silky Straight Wig


A simple straight haired wig can be an awesome option if you have the itch to straighten your natural hair. Instead of causing any heat damage on your own hair, you can get a straight wig in your own hair color or in a fun, different hair color. These synthetic wigs can withstand heat appliances up to a certain temperature which will be specified on the packaging, so you can flat iron it or add some bouncy wand curls to it if you please. Even better, you can put the wig on an inexpensive styrofoam wig head and add some flexi rods to the hair overnight. When you wake up and remove the rods, you will have a head of gorgeous curls to wear. SamsBeauty.com has several straight hair wigs to choose from, including the option above!

WIG STYLE TREND #5: The Crotchet Hairstyle Without the Crotchet Wig



Crotchet hairstyles are all the rage in the black hair community. They are revolutionary because not only does it significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to normally do box braids, faux locs, or Senegalese twists, but it makes a lot easier also. Now, as long as you can cornrow, you can quite simply achieve one of these hairstyles because the twists, braids, or locs are already done and nicely packaged for you! 

But, what about the ladies that want a crotchet style but cannot cornrow? Or the ladies that do not have the time to cornrow their own hair and then take the few hours it takes to install the faux hair? Or the ladies that do not want to pay someone to do the style for them? Well, there’s another option! Now, you can get a crotchet hairstyle in a wig form. Whether it be box braids, twists, or even a twist out, you can purchase a wig that you can just throw on without the hassle of doing the style yourself, or paying a bunch of money to get a professional to do the style. The above two options from SamsBeauty.com are great examples of crotchet styles in a wig form that you can wear during protective style season. They look cool and are right on trend. 

In closing, Happy Protective Style Season to you all! Give wigs a try this fall/winter season and give your natural hair a break! Also, you never know what a sassy wig can do for you! It can build your confidence, make you feel sexy, or make you try something new! Get a wig in a hair color you’ve always wanted to try, or in a style that is completely different from your real hair. Let’s spice it up this year, ladies! Cheers! 

Lotta Body NEW Cleanse Me CoWash Review: Is It Bomb Or Nah? 

I recently got the chance to try the new cowash that Lotta Body recently released. I’ve pretty much tried the whole line of Lotta Body products, some were hits others were misses, so I was a bit apprehensive about how I would like it at first. Furthermore, I am the self proclaimed Cowash Queen!  I always harp on how important it is to cowash more than you shampoo/condition and I always rave about how much I love cowashing. I have been cowashing faithfully once a week and only shampooing/conditioning my hair once a month ever since I was transitioning. I know for a fact it has really done wonders for me as far as growing my hair out and retaining length. To put it in a nutshell, I am a HUGE fan of cowashing! So, needless to say, I had extremely high hopes and expectations when it came down to trying this new product out! 

And you guys… 

It didn’t disappoint! It’s amazing. 

I am picky when it comes to a good cowash. First and foremost, it has to make detangling a breeze. I always detangle my hair in sections with the cowash on my hair, and I’ve used some brands that don’t do enough when it comes down to making those tangles just fall out. This one definitely does! Detangling my hair was so simple with this product, and for that, it gets major, major points! 

Next, a good cowash has to be moisturizing. This kind of goes along with being a great detangler, because if a product is moisturizing and has great slip, it is more than likely going to be an awesome detangler. The Lotta Body Cleanse Me CoWash is so very moisturizing. As soon as you apply it to your tresses and start to work it in, you can automatically tell that moisture is being added back into your hair. It is quite thick in consistency and it just glides over your mane, a very good sign when it comes to a product being amazing. It left my hair feeling so soft and very easy to manage. Another thumbs up goes out to Lotta Body! 

Lastly, a good cowash of course has to smell amazing.  The Lotta Body Cleanse Me CoWash has that signature scent that all of the other Lotta Body products have. If you’ve ever tried some of other products, then you know what I mean! They all smell the same, which is pretty weird actually, but it is a very pleasant scent, so it works. 

An awesome detangler, great slip, uber moisturizing, actually cleanses the hair, leaves hair feeling soft and manageable… The Lotta Body Cleanse Me CoWash has basically everything I look for in a cowash. I was extremely surprised with how much I loved it. It is undeniably one of my favorites now. I’ve used it every week since I’ve gotten it! I have no complaints about it except that mine is about to be gone and I haven’t found it in stores where I live yet! I need another! 

If you’re a Cowash Queen like me, this is definitely a product you need to add to your kingdom. This new cowash launched in beauty supply stores in May 2016.  Other Lotta Body products are sold in Fred’s, Dollar General,  Walmart, Family Dollar, and Sally Beauty Supply. Be sure to check out your local beauty supply and get your hands on one of these bottles! You will not regret it! 
Rinata Jackson

Naturally Nata

3 Natural Hair Products with Peppermint Oil That You Need To Try!

I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of peppermint! To me, the scent of peppermint is one of the most calming and relaxing scents that there is. I think this is why it is one of my favorite scents for a hair product to have. It is also a very strong smell, which means if you use a hair product with peppermint oil in it, it will more than likely leave your hair smelling fresh and minty for days. 

Peppermint oil also has many benefits when used on the hair. Some of these benefits are:

  • It promotes hair growth
  • It fights off dandruff and dry scalp 
  • It adds shine and body to the hair
  • It can combat hair loss

These are some awesome benefits when it comes to natural hair. Who doesn’t want long, shiny, and voluminous tresses? We all do! The fact that it stimulates your hair follicles by increasing oxygen supply and blood circulation is reason enough to try a hair product with peppermint oil in it in itself! 

I have recently been introduced to two small hair product businesses that both sent me some products to try. Wouldn’t you know it, BOTH of them sent me products that contained peppermint oil? And both of them gave me some beyond amazing results! I firmly believe that every naturalista should give these products a try! 

The 3 natural hair products that contain peppermint oil that you need to try are as follows:

  1. RHYII Wavyiiz Cream- http://www.rhyii.com This product is a daily moisturizer, styler, and of course because of the peppermint oil, scalp conditioner! It smells heavenly and it is so thick and moisturizing it’s ridiculous! Not only does it have peppermint oil in it, but it also has a lot of other good stuff in it such as Shea butter, babassu oil, and mango butter. Yum! Furthermore, all their products are 100% chemical free and handmade from certified organic and vegan ingredients. (If you are interested in trying this product, visit their website and use my discount code: naturallynata)
  2. RHYII Wavyiiz Oil- http://www.rhyii.com This is the second step in the Rhyii 3 step LOC method type product bundle. This oil smells so good and does wonderfully at sealing in the moisture from the cream mentioned above! This oil can also be used for a hot oil treatment, which combined with the powers of the peppermint oil that it has in it, will really penetrate those hair follicles and get some healthy hair growth going! Lastly, it can also be used as a heat protectant for any straightening or other hairstyles you want to do that involve heat. Can you say, multiple use product?! What I also love about this product line, is if you have any allergies or other special needs, they will personalize the product for you! (If you are interested in purchasing this product, please visit their website and use my discount code: naturallynata).

3. Over the Top Hair Collection Goddess Growth Elixir- http://www.overthetophaircollection.com This product is another great sealant to lock in moisture when you’re doing the LOC method. I used this peppermint oil containing product along with their Dynasty Deangler and Royal Twist Butter and got a super defined, shiny, and moisturized flat twist out. The minty scent stayed with my hair for days. My hair smelled heavenly! This is an awesome oil to add to your collection to keep your hair on point and healthy. (If you are interested in purchasing this product, visit their website and use my discount code: nata15). 

I hope that you are now a fan of peppermint oil after reading this post. Peppermint oil is very beneficial to our hair and as you can see, there are several products that you may not have known about that contain this minty treasure. If you are wanting to achieve growth with your curls, consider giving one, two, or all of these products a try! Incorporate them into your LOC method regimen and see if you get some results! 

My Experience with a Gelée

If you are like I was, you’re probably wondering, what is a gelée? I had never heard of or used a gelée until I received the entire Lotta Body hair care line in an Onyxbox (@weareonyx) a few months ago. Still, I let the product sit beneath my bathroom counter hidden amongst my mass of hair products for months. I didn’t use it because, honestly, I just didn’t know what it was! I had never heard of the term gelée.         

     A gelée is another term for a gel. The Lotta Body Shape Me Custard Gelee is a gel type product that provides a light hold and is made with coconut and shea oils. This product would be ideal for someone with fine hair, but I advise the thick and coarse haired girls like myself to choose another product because it does not give the kind of hold and curl definition we need.

                I chose to do a three strand twist out using this product. The three strand twist out is by far my number one favorite natural hairstyle. I usually get amazing results, crazy curl definition, and gorgeous shine. However, when I used the Lotta Body Shape Me Custard Gelée to do this style, I unfortunately did not get the results I was looking for. My twist out came out dull looking, there were flakes everywhere when I was taking my twists down, and the style only lasted two days. I am used to my three strand twist out styles lasting 4-5 days! To me, it didn’t even look like a three strand twist out, it looked more like a normal two strand twist out. A naturalista does a three strand twist out for the CURL DEFINITION. A naturalista wants to see those RINGLETS! The Lotta Body Shape Me Custard Gelée did not deliver those super defined ringlet curls.

                But, it wasn’t all bad. While the style looked nowhere near as good as I am used to it looking when I do it with other products, it was still wearable. It was pretty, and I still got some compliments. I just knew inside that it could have been better! 

                Needless to say, my first time using a gelée was not a good experience. I do not think this is a terrible product, it is just not a good product for me. My hair is entirely too thick to get the type of hold I need from the Lotta Body Shape Me Custard Gelée. I do not think I will be using it again, unless my mass of hair products dwindles down to nothing and it is my only option. I am a little disappointed, because I do like some of their other products, especially the Control Me Edge Gel and the Wrap Me Foaming Mousse. But it is very important to remember, especially when you are natural, that every product is not going to work for everyone! The important thing is to find the products that work for you and give you the best results!

To watch the video about how I did this style and to see the results firsthand, please click the link below to be redirected to my YouTube channel! Until next time! 

3 Strand Twist Out YouTube Video

#SimpleStyles: The Fishtail Braid

Here is another super simple style that can be done on freshly washed hair and have you out the door and on with your life in no time. Sometimes you don’t have the time or the patience to twist, braid, or put rollers or rods in your hair and let your hair fully dry. Sometimes you need a style that is cute and quick! This simple style is exactly that!

I’ve always wanted to try a fishtail braid on my hair, but I was always too intimidated to try to do it! It seems so complicated! I thought it was an intricate weaving of your strands of hair that would take forever, when in reality, while it does take some focus and a bit more time to do than a regular braid, it is quite easy! 

To do this fishtail braid, all I used as my styler was of